Cats, dogs and other pets are part of the family, and are happier when they have a reliable, comfortable, and safe surface such as Coastal Synthetic Pet Turf to enjoy.

Our faux grass is durable and perfect for enhancing the comfort, recreation and relief of your pets. Your dogs or cats will be in pet heaven if indoor and/or outdoor areas are coveragd with Coastal Synthetic Pet Turf.


There are plenty of reasons your dogs may greet you even more excitedly and your cats will purr more loudly if they have our pet turf surface outdoors. Concrete or cement aggravates pets’ paws, causing cuts and abrasions. Gravel creates discomfort, as well, causing irritation of pet paws. If you have an older pet, the joint support provided by Coastal Synthetic Pet Turf will be a relief every step of the way. Your dog or cat may also benefit from the non-allergenic qualities of the pet turf surface. Perhaps the best benefit enjoyed by all is that the low profile pet turf makes for simple and time-saving waste removal, poop-scooping and cleanup. The non-absorbent turf also has high-flow drainage rates, making it easy to clean. Your lawn will look beautiful year-around, and there is never any need to use harmful fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides.

Coastal Synthetic Pet Turf provides a sanitary solution for pets to relieve themselves each day that is highly innovative and is also useful for travel, when on vacation, and during transport. During times when your pet is required to be indoors more than usual, such as during a hurricane or other possible emergencies, Coastal Synthetic Pet Turf makes it easy for you to tend to your pets’ needs while maximizing their comfort and safety.


We know your dogs and/or cats will love Coastal Synthetic Pet Turf. Our pet turf product is used by many doggy day cares, veterinarians, and other commercial facilities. In addition, our turf designed just for pets is brightening many backyards, small side yards, and numerous other outdoor spaces in various places across the world. Coastal Synthetic Pet Turf can be configured for the purpose of creating mats for poolside areas, patios, indoor spaces, rooftops, boats and other settings. Simply request a free sample from one of our representatives and a pet turf sample will be sent directly to you. Let your pet give Coastal Synthetic Pet Turf a try, to help you decide whether this is the ideal pet solution you’ve been looking for.