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Pets & Artificial Pet Turf

One of the best parts of any pet’s day is going outside and enjoying the fresh air and a wide-open space to roam. However, some surfaces, like natural grass, can make this problematic for pets and their owners. Natural grass can be wet and muddy, filled with bugs and other pests, and produce grass allergens. These factors can lead to dirty paws and fur carrying bugs, allergens, bacteria, and more. Thankfully, there is a solution!

At Coastal Synthetic Turf, we offer first-rate artificial pet and dog turf that provides a more consistent, comfortable, and cleaner surface for dogs, cats, rabbits, teacup pigs, and more! Our pet turf is ultra-realistic, so it looks and feels just like natural grass. As a result, it is a soft, green space for pets and people to enjoy. Our pet turf is also consistent. Unlike natural grass, it will never become patchy, scratchy, or brown, which helps ensure that your furry friends will almost always have a comfortable outdoor space to enjoy.

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    However, pets are not the only ones who can benefit from our synthetic pet and dog grass. It also offers multiple advantages for pet owners concerned about the health and cleanliness of their four-legged companions. For example, our pet turf is quick draining, which helps avoid mud and puddles and makes it easy to clean! In addition, our artificial pet grass does not produce grass allergens and is less likely to house insects and other pests. As a result, our synthetic pet turf is a cleaner and healthier space for pets and their owners!  

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    For residential and commercial properties in Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa and Ft. Myers, Coastal Synthetic Turf is the premier choice for artificial grass products and installations, including pet and dog turf. Our team is made up of experienced and trained professionals who work with our Southern Florida clients to supply, design, and install synthetic turf at competitive prices. Our artificial grass experts take your unique needs and schedule into consideration and help identify indoor and outdoor turf solutions. From there, our design and installation team properly implements your vision. As a result, our team at Coastal Synthetic Turf provides you with artificial turf that looks remarkable and lasts for years to come.

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    Artificial pet and dog turf from Coastal Synthetic Turf helps provide pets and their owners in Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa and Ft. Myers with an ideal green space to appreciate! Our high-quality synthetic pet turf offers benefits for both pets and people. It is consistently soft and green, does not produce grass allergens, and is inhospitable to bugs and other pests. But that’s not all! Artificial pet turf is also low maintenance and quick-draining, which makes it easy to clean and keep clean. As a result, your patch or lawn of synthetic pet turf is almost always ready for your furry or non-furry friends to enjoy!

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