Nylon or Poly Synthetic Turf – Putting Greens
People have a choice when choosing a synthetic turf for their putting greens: Nylon or Polypropylene. This is an important decision to make when designing your putting green. The installation and base material are important components of synthetic turf installation.

Why Poly ? Polypropylene putting greens are best for holding shots from a distance. The poly allow more space for infill material. Infill material of poly synthetic turf is what takes the kinetic energy off the golf ball when hit. Increase the infill material on the putting green, the longer the shot the synthetic turf will accept. Polypropylene greens have less contraction problems. Poly synthetic turf will not expand and contract and you can install it in a large area and there are no size limitations with poly synthetic turf.

Why Nylon? Nylon is one of the toughest fibers in the world. In terms of durability, nylon synthetic turf wins. Nylon greens also have far less maintenance due to the decreased amount of infill. Nylon synthetic turf overall has less mold or mildew problems. Again, this is due to the small amount of infill in the nylon turf.

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